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Jan 15, 1999 12:37 PM

Kossar's Improves Their Bagels!!!!!!

  • j

Of course I've been getting bialies, onion rounds, and sesame sticks for years from Kossar's at 367 Grand, but I've eschewed the bagels. They always seemed somehow wrong to me, as if the bakers' heart wasn't into trying to bake the essence of a BAGEL rather than just a round shiny bialy with a hole in it.

Two night ago, the bagels looked irresistible. And I'm chomping one now, and it's splendid. Very dense and chewy, with brown slightly crunchy skin. I think they're using sugar rather than malt, alas, but it's a low dose, at least.

I can't promise this isn't an aberration--a single magical night of bagel greatness--but here's hoping they keep it up.

Follow-up reports would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. c
    Charlie Wertheimer

    I agree with you 100% about Kossar's. I discovered
    them about three months ago and I am convinced that
    they have the best bagels in New York. (I might be in
    the minority but I think that H&H bagels are way
    overrated.) I especially like Kossar's rye,
    pumpernickel and cinnamon raisin bagels.

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    1. re: Charlie Wertheimer

      "I might be in the minority but I think that H&H bagels are way overrated"

      You'd also be in the minority if you thought Madonna isn't a really great singer and that Leroy Nieman isn't a terrific painter.

      Stick to your guns. You're a chowhound! Don't EVER apologize for disdaining cruddy food everyone tells you you should like!

      1. re: Jim Leff

        I also think H&H are overrated, and thay Kossar's have
        the best bagels in NY, and I've tried alot. Love them--
        and love that they changed management, and got better--
        how unusual is that??

    2. I had a very fine pumpernickel bagel from Kossar's last
      weekend (I was escorting an out-of-town friend on a
      bialy mission). Very chewy, very pumpernickely.
      Thumbs up.