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We tried a nice little French place last night, Totof,
on 33rd St. just west of 3rd Ave. Very pleasant, quite
good. The appetizers were uniformly wonderful:
portobello and goat purse in a filo purse, pissaladiere
(carmelized onion tart in puff pastry) with salad, pate
de fois gras. The main dishes were all good: cassoulet
(good but not exceptional), calf's liver (excellent), a
seafood-and-potato casserole the name of which escapes
me. Desserts were very good: creme brulee (served
warm, which I prefer, was the best I've had in ages), a
cobbler of apples, strawberries, and mint with vanilla
ice cream, and a chocolate crepe (oddly enough, the
least interesting of the three; too dense, I thought).

They have nice wines by the glass, especially a very
pleasant Minervois. The service is very friendly and
very French. Now if I could just figure out the

Dinner for three, three courses with drinks, came to

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  1. "Totof" is a jokey nickname for somebody named "Christophe," presumably the owner or a much-loved relative.