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Jan 11, 1999 02:39 PM

looking for fun, relatively attitude-free dining in Soho

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any suggestions?

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  1. If you like Mexican I can give you two options: Lupe is
    on Ave. of the Americas and Watts (the next street
    below Broome) -- slightly south of SoHo but worth the
    walk. And Tres Aztecas is at Allen St. and either
    Stanton or Rivendale, I forget which, is very good and
    totally lacking in attitude.

    Then besides that, with a bit more attitude, there's
    Savoy, at Crosby and Prince, and there's the restaurant
    at Prince and Mercer, downstairs from the Guggenheim,
    which I forget the name of.

    Hope this helps!

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    1. re: Jeremy Osner

      That restaurant downstairs from the Guggenheim at Prince and Mercer is Monzu. I like it. A pretty space, and I've had some very good meals there. Hope you try it.

      1. re: Deb Van D

        Cendrillon, an upscale phillipine based restaurant on
        Mercer between Grand and Broome is a good choice.
        Great beer selection, and generally excellent food,
        though it can sometimes be a bit inconsistent. The
        specials are often more memorable than the regular
        menu, though that is usually nothing to sneeze at
        either. It is also a very friendly, laid back place.

        1. re: Deb Van D
          Christine Bridges

          I liked Monzu up to the entree. Perhaps being overly
          optimistic I ordered the Pasta con Sarde (a Sicilian
          dish; this is supposed to be a Sicilian restaurant).
          Well, it turned out to be perciatelli (OK so far) with
          a red sauce (no!) and some CANNED-type sardines atop.
          That did it for me!


          1. re: Christine Bridges

            Bar Pitti (very good, casual italian--Rigatoini Piti to die for)
            Felix (lil' attitude, but fun scene, food average)
            Blue Ribbon??

            1. re: Maria

              Have you tried "Jean-Claude" on Sullivan St. between Houston and Prince? The atmosphere is very Parisian; the food is excellent and moderately priced for a French restaurant; and the staff is casual and unpretentious but very serious when it comes to quality. If you lavish them with compliments they might present you with a delicious creme brulee on the house (which is what they've done in my case the last three times I went there). Get there early to be assured of a table.

        2. re: Jeremy Osner

          Jeremy -

          actually, I do like Lupe's a lot - and sorta forgot
          about it - but i'm definitely gonna give Tres Aztecas a
          try . ..

          1. re: greg oguss

            Lupe's? 6th Ave by Spring? I went for lunch roughly
            6 weeks ago...bland, uninspiring, boring burritos,
            nasty overcooked underseasoned fish. Might have been
            a bad day but with so much else to choose from...

            1. re: greg oguss
              Jeremy Osner

              Today I found another good Mexican place, near Tres
              Aztecas. It's called Festival, on Rivington east of
              Ludlow. I ate Lengua a la Mexicana, which was excellent
              stewed slices of tongue with onion and hot peppers.
              Also had Sopa de Ajo, garlic soup, which was not so

              And on the way back to work I stopped by Economy Candy
              for some chocolate grahams!