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Jan 8, 1999 12:55 PM

Help, Hip, Sexy Restaurant Needed!!

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Help! Thanks to my mother-in-law, my husband & I are
getting a reprieve from the kids. We're looking for a
restaurant that is fun, hip, sexy and has good food for
our much needed night out. (Is all that too much to
ask for these days?) We've been to virtually all of
the top established restaurants in the city and some of
the newer like Balthazar, The Cub Room, Asia de Cuba,
Nobu, 2 Seven 7 Church. We are not looking for
romantic with candlelight, we already have our favorite
for those, we want upbeat, lively, fun with people
watching. Some suggestions have been Novita, I Trulli,
Medusa and Diva. Anyone have comments on these? Or
any new suggestions? I'd appreciate any advice!!

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  1. Try Boughalem on Bedford St. Although on the small side the crowd is always hip and attractive. The chef (formerly of Bouley) is quite good. Prices are extremely reasonable. The only problem might be that they don't take reservations. But anyhow, it's a great date place! (Then follow up with a nightcap at either Ino (new wine bar accross the street) or Blue Ribbon Bakery (nearby) or the brand new Junno (one block away on Downing). It's a wonderful little neighborhood for romantic strolling about, especially in the snow.

    1. You could try Candela's (116 E. 16 St.). Kinda
      mediaeval space, but the food ain't bad.

      1. Try Bond St. The food is not as fantastic as so many
        people are saying, but it is a lot of fun, and it is
        hip, sexy, and chic!

        1. h
          Hal Hendershot

          In case you haven't gone yet, two suggestions I would
          make are Lot 61 (really trendy hip crowd and the food
          was ok when I went last year) and Bottino ( owned by
          some Chelsea art dealers).

          1. An extremely fun, hip, and sexy (in a white trash sort
            of way) restaurant that has great southern food is Old
            Devil Moon on E. 12th b/w Ave A & B. I highly
            recommend the peanut butter pie for dessert.
            Another place that is fun, hip & very sexy is Torch
            (which has a live torch singer with a band) on Stanton
            St,(I think). One or two blocks south of Houston on
            the west side of the street. It has no sign, just a
            huge stainless front door. The exact address is
            probably listed in Time Out New York. The best people
            watching and a decadent atmosphere.

            Also fun, hip & sexy is Pearl Oyster Bar on Cornelia
            Street bewteen Bleecker & 6th Ave. There's only one
            table, but plenty of bar seating. I have never had a
            better lobster roll in my life. Oysters are excellent.

            In Tribeca, I recommend Rosemarie's on Duane Street
            between Church and West Broadway. The food and
            atmospher are fabulous. I haven't been ther in years,
            so I'd call first and make sure it's still there.

            Have fun.