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Jan 7, 1999 10:39 AM

Street Vendors

  • j

sigh... Is there a more depressing place to work, food-
wise, then Rockefeller Center?

Street food in this area -- any suggestions? I've been
buying yero (gyro) plates from a guy (there are two
competing vendors, actually) at 6th and 49th. Not bad.
Does anyone know of anything else interesting in the

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  1. p
    Paul Zorovich

    There's a halal chicken guy on the NW corner of 6th &
    44th that I used to buy from at least twice a week --
    a big platter of rice, grilled chicken, & salad costs

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    1. re: Paul Zorovich

      The owner of Hallo Berlin ( 51st just west of 9th ) has
      a bratwurst cart that he takes to Rock Center. I'm sure
      if you call the restaurant they should tell you where
      he stays. Rudy has made a lot of those guys change
      their spots so I don't now where he stays now.
      This is some of NYC'S best street food.
      Regards, JK

      1. re: John Knoesel

        I don't now if you've gotta have street vendors, but
        SAPPORO on 49th just east of Seventh Ave is pretty good
        japanese fast food. (Noodle soup, Donburi, etc) And
        there's a japanese noodle place on 7th just south of
        49th that's ok too.

      2. re: Paul Zorovich

        The last time I went there the food didn't seem to be halal any more, at least the big sign was missing, but was still delicious. But he's on (or rather just east of) the northeast corner, not NW -- a small matter, but every second counts when you're dashing out for takeout!