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Jan 2, 1999 10:07 PM

looking for help

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I'm a high school student from Bethlehem, PA and every
spring my theater company goes to NYC to see a matinee
show and then we eat dinner somewhere in the city.
It's my senior year so so far I've been to the Olive
Garden, Hard Rock Cafe, and Plaet Hollywood. Does
anyone know of other restaurants that are appropriate
for a group of high school students. I'm looking for
places similar to Planet Hollywood, Hard rock etc.
that do things like giving you a selected menu of five
or so things to choose from. Also, if it's not to
much trouble please send all responses to me
personally at my E-mail address. DjonC@theglobe.com
thank you.

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  1. I would check out Carmine's, a big italian restaurant
    right in the theater district. They serve everything
    family style (which means just like you eat it at home-
    from a big dish in the center of the table that
    everyone is expected to take from. Be prepared to fight
    it out with your fork if you plan to reach for
    seconds). The food is pretty good and the prices are
    very reasonable. It's also a loud place, so you and
    your group can have a good time without feeling wierd.
    The phone number is 212-221-3800. Hope this helps-