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Dec 29, 1998 03:33 PM

La Pizza Fresca is fine.

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Had lunch at Pizza Fresca for the first time today -
really enjoyed it. The tastes were genuine and
evocative and ingredients absolutely first rate.
Pizza quattro stagionale's crust was a little too
moist in the center, but tasted great, with delicious
funghi porcini, cheese, prosciutto, artichoke hearts
etc. Pizza cima de rape was delish with no crust
problems. Rigatoni with eggplant,sausage and yet more
mozzarella had wonderful flavors, if a bit salty, and
the, bread and salad were also very good. Excellent
olive oil. This food tasted so, so good that I was
very glad to have ignored the vague reports of

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  1. I went to La Pizza Fresca last night for dinner, and I
    really liked the food. I had the cime di rapa pizza,
    too, and it was dandy: the crust was yummy and the
    right texture in the right places, and the toppings
    were fresh and applied in good amounts - plenty of
    broccoli rabe, enough to get some in each bite, but not
    so much that it sogged down the crust and fell off.
    The polenta "medallions" appetizer with mushrooms and a
    white wine sauce was really good, too. One of my
    dining companions enjoyed his pizza with asparagus.
    The other dining companion had penne with a saffron
    butter sauce, which was also good albeit not thrilling.
    The lovely room got very full and very noisy and very
    warm later in the evening, but we'd just about finished
    by then.