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Dec 19, 1998 12:30 PM

Madison Square Garden

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Going to concert at Madison Square Garden and looking
for a good restaurant for pre-concert. Any ideas?

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  1. I'd head over to Ninth and go to either the Pakistani place at 478 (near 37th St.) or, if you're more in the mood for Mexican, Los Dos Rancheros at 509 (38th). (I'm assuming you want good food, not ambience, the latter not being much in evidence at either.)

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    1. re: Steve D.

      go to metro grill, or birrichio on 8th and 29th.

      1. re: stephen kaye

        The best restaurant I've EVER found anywhere near
        Madison Square Garden is Tupelo Grill, a new steakhouse
        with a kitchen under the great Neal Myers (who brought
        Tatou to such heights, and who even taught the folks at
        Ben Benson's a thing or two). The place is very roomy,
        smart, and everything is deeply delicious and
        memorable. Give it a whirl!

        1. re: Tom S.

          on this tupelo grill...

          is it the kind of place you can go with some kids and
          some non-carnivores (for, say, lunch on a friday)?

    2. Try Tir Na Nog a fun upscale Irish Pub/restaurant.
      Chef worked for Charlie Palmer the food is delicious
      especially the seafood