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Dec 18, 1998 03:55 PM

O Padeiro

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I was really intrigued by Asimov's review of O Padeiro
on Wednesday. Has anyone around here eaten there?

I'll probably be going there a few times in January (it
sounds like great cold-weather food!), if anyone would
like to contact me we could set up a meeting.


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  1. It's worth eating there just to get the delicious bread
    basket, which helps you pick a bread to bring home. I
    had the sausage and bean and potato casserole which was
    somewhat undercooked. The portion was enormous and I
    brought a lot of it home, cooked it the next day with
    some modifications and had a very tasty lunch.

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    1. re: lobelia

      I ate there last night -- I'm very much in agreement
      about the fabulous bread basket. (I brought home a loaf
      of Broa.) I was pretty drawn toward the bean casserole,
      and wish I had gone with it -- instead I ordered
      grilled sardines, a dish I've been interested in trying
      for a couple of weeks now since I've seen it mentioned
      in like three reviews of NY restaurants. But when it
      was served I found myself in a familiar quandary -- how
      do I eat fish with bones in it? Something I never
      learned, I guess; I can't figure out how to take the
      flesh off the bone with a fork and knife, without some
      bones stubbornly clinging to what I put in my mouth,
      and then I have to try (and fail miserably) to get the
      bones out of my mouth quickly and discreetly. Does
      anyone have advice? Whole fish is a common enough dish,
      there must be some trick to it that I'm just not

      1. re: Jeremy Osner


        I figure if the bones from a sardine aren't big enough
        for me to be able to see before I put it in my mouth,
        they are small enough to swallow.

        The large bones are halfway down, so what I do is lay
        the sardine on its side and push the flesh away from
        me, being careful not to force the knife downward too
        hard. The result is that eventually the long bone is
        exposed and can be easily eliminated with a knife
        (although it's far easier to do so with your hands).

        In practice, I do usually eat some bones, but never
        had any problems swallowing them.