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Dec 13, 1998 07:57 PM

Latin Food

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We now have three good replacements for Erizo. Campo in the Village, Ideya in Soho and now Bolivar on the
upper East side. None are the same but all are good. Both Campo and Bolivar have good arepas.

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  1. one major vote hereabouts for ideya. chef rios is a
    bronx boy who learned a whole heap from abuela and
    mixes it up with a nouvelle spin; try his yuca-based
    empanadas with a cocktail called "pocion de mi
    salvacion" or his chicken with chorizo, the dish that
    landed him the job.

    1. Know anything about Calle Ocho that just opened on the
      upper west side?

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      1. re: Elyse

        The chef of Calle Ocho is Alex Garcia, who used to own
        Erizo Latino in SoHo. Alex also used to be the sous
        chef of Patria.

        Knowing Alex's cooking from Patira and Erizo, I think
        it will be really good. You might want to give the
        kitchen a little time to get its act together before
        you go.

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        David PR Bailin

        Thanks Gary Cheong. Calle Ocho is Erizo reborn. Cook is Alex Garcia. Formelry of Yuca (Miami), Patria and lastly
        Erizo. Go!

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        1. re: David PR Bailin

          Yes, I know. I'm very familiar with Alex. In fact,
          we're friends. Of course, I plan to go soon.