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Feb 20, 2002 07:56 AM

Tried Palace Steak House? [San Francisco]

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OK Chowhounds... we've driven past it a zillion times on Cesar Chavez / Army Street. Has anyone tried the Palace Steak House?

From the looks of things, it could either be a real find or a real dive with equally bad food.

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  1. I tried it. I liked it. It's better than Sizzler. it is like the food that your grandparents like to get for the early bird special. A halfway decent grilled steak for under 10 dollars.
    You go in and cue up and place your order and it is a total dive and the food is not bad. I recommend trying it. it was good on the day i went, but i am not a sizzler fan or any type of sizzler like place fan. They have good baked potatoes. But if you want a real find that you are passing all the time, try Pete's BBQ at 20th and Mission. AWESOME Rotisserie chicken and potatoes and some pretty good ribs that you can choose sauces to slather all over.
    Try them both, they are both worth at least one trip, that is the whole fun of being a chowhound!

    1. This is a low end kind of place. I thought the steak was wierdly mushy and seasoned with msg maybe.

      1. Inside Scoop reports that Manny Torres Gimenez (of Roxy's Cafe and formerly Mr. Pollo) is taking over the space, will rename it The Palace, and will be doing his own butchery on the premises. Tasting menu will be $50.

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              thanks. i'm going to check the new place out in a few weeks.