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Dec 10, 1998 02:23 PM


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I took out 8 folks last night, we designed our own tasting menu for the table. everything was great, food, interior design servic. try it 432 east 9th 212 254 2263. tuscan

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  1. What's the price range? (I'll bet it's expensive.)

    Thanks much for the info.


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    1. re: christina z

      Prices at I Coppi

      Appetizers in high one digits to $10.50

      Soups are about $6.

      Pastas (mid-teens)--half orders are available as

      Pizzas and Cofacinos (delicious) are in high singles
      to low teens)

      Entrees--mid-teens to low 20's (for the great wild
      boar) -- usually with potatoes or polenta and

      The real trouble is in the wines. Although the I
      Coppi list features some perfectly drinkable under $20
      bottles, (commensurately priced by the glass), there
      are some terrific bottles and values in the low 40s.
      As always, alcohol can be the demon. (One nice feature
      -- if you want a great wine by the glass, always ask.
      If they have an open bottle, they'll be happy to pour
      a glass of a non-house wine at a fair but higher price
      than the usual house wines.