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Dec 9, 1998 12:15 PM

TAPAS..........and/or................Great Eccentric Restaurant

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Looking for fun spots in lower Manhattan. Would also
like to know of any non-touristy JAZZ clubs. Thank you
in advance.......

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  1. 1 Tapas. The best tapas experience I've had was at
    Xunta in the East Village(174 1st Ave). Subterranean
    atmosphere and genuine, well considered tapas.

    2. Jazz. Two suggestions. Zinno on W 13th - the food
    is pleasant but not special. Ever-changing jazz
    combos allow you to find an evening that will suit
    your inclinations. Jazz Standard (16th?) - There is
    an interest in providing a better than average food
    experience. Again, frequently changing groups allow
    you to find great musical opportunities. These places
    are not pricy.

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    1. re: Eric R

      The Jazz Standard is on 27th st and the food and Jazz is very good. I think the food at Zinno is above average and the fixed menu is a good value.

      1. re: Jim Kelly

        Excellent tapas at El Cid in Chelsea. Much better than
        Xunta and much quieter.