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Dec 9, 1998 08:18 AM

New Year's Eve Dinner

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Looking for a fun spot for dinner on New Year's Eve (a
place we could go to a 2-3 hours before going to a
party to ring in the new year) for around 10-14
people. The emphasis would be on good food and a
relatively festive atmosphere, but not a place where
things are going to be too hectic.

I know this is kind of open-ended, but I would imagine
many of you have had great New Year's Eve dining
experiences in New York and may have some good



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  1. New Year's Eve is definitely not the most opportune
    time to dine in New York. Everyplace tends to be
    frantic. Food and service suffer as the
    hour gets late and the frenzy builds. Hate to be a
    spoil sport but this has been my experience. I much
    prefer cooking at home and/or bringing a dish to
    friends's a house party. It's a crazy night and
    unless you've got the money to hire a private chef,
    probably not one that will bring a memorable gourmet
    experience. Have a happy one anyway.

    christina z

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      Even though seemingly the whole city is crowded on NYE
      , actually, Chinatown is an excellent place to go on
      that night. The fancier restaurants are set up for big
      parties, and for some reason, we have never found them
      crowded on that night. However for a party as large
      as yours, I would call around or drop by and make a
      reservation, and maybe arrange a menu in advance. If
      you've never tried it, banquets are more fun and
      festive than each person devouring his or her own
      dish. You decide how many dishes and courses you want
      and what sort of items, they bring out the right
      quantity. You agree a price, and prices are extremely
      reasonable. Usually you can bring in your own wine (I
      would confirm that in advance, though).