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Dec 8, 1998 04:26 PM

el Rey

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Has any one eaten at this restaurant? I had heard
about it on WOR radio. I also need address it seems
there are more than 1.

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  1. As I remember it, The restaurant is in the 20's on the
    West Side 6th or 7th Ave

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    1. re: Jim T.

      L-Ray is located on W. 10th St between 5th and 6th. It
      is the restaurant mentioned on WOR. The food is very
      good; they call it gulf rim bistro. Phone: 505-7777.

      EL-Ray Del Sol is located on W. 14th St. between 7th
      and 8th Ave. It's been there about 10 years and
      serves Mexican/southwestern. Chef/owner is from San