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Dec 4, 1998 09:06 AM

Evergreen Shanghai

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Last night a friend and I went to Evergreen Shanghai
(63 Mott St.), which was reviewed by Asimov recently
and was mentioned earlier on this board. Ooh, it was
good! We had the steamed buns (soup dumplings) with
crab and pork - the broth insde was really rich and
flavorful and yummy. Then we had the yellowfish (cut
in chunks) wrapped in bean curd skins and fried - so
tasty - the wrapping is crispy at first and then gets
somewhat more pliant. We also ordered the braised
Shanghai noodles, with julienned veggies, shrimp,
chicken, and a very soupy pale sauce. That was good,
too. The family next to us was eating a dish that
looked great, all green and white; I thought it was
noodles, but the woman told me it was actually bean
curd skins. Everthing around us looked good, in fact.
the waiter was very nice, too, although we did have to
plead (basically) for orange slices. A minor point.

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  1. The special dish at Evergreen is not the steamed soup
    dumplings (which are better elsewhere) but the fried
    soup dumplings. They are small, light cylinders,
    crispy on the bottom, and contain a mouthful of soup.
    It is a much different recipe from all of the other
    fried dumplings served in the Shanghai style places.

    1. I went there a few weeks ago and found the service truly friendly and efficient -- oranges arrived along with the bill. Every joint has their off day though...
      The dish of theirs I'd recommend is the (cold) Aromatic Beef. A small mountain of it was presented along with the other appetizer we'd ordered; fearing we'd over-ordered we ate only a couple slices each and took the rest home for a substantial snack later.