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Nov 26, 1998 06:27 PM

request advice : long weekend 12/12/98

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How are/ what to order, what wines @
nougatine, union sq cafe, payard?
Are Ratner's onion rolls still worth a detour?
ditto bonte eclairs?
cloisters? rockettes? 42nd st library reading room?
I grew up in the City, went to school there, haven't
been back since '85.
all other suggestions happily welcomed.

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  1. Yes, yes, no, yes, yes and skip Payard.

    1. s
      Steve Plotnicki

      Martin-You will find Nougatine quite enjoyable though
      no signature dish jumps from my memory. Wines are not
      cheap. Union Square Cafe is always "correct". Their
      Filet Mignon of Tuna is a famous dish of theirs. The
      Polenta with Mascarpone and the Garlic Potato Chips
      are great sides. They have a terrific wine list that
      is quite reasonably priced. They have an 1989 La Rioja
      Alta Vina Ardanza on the list for $38 which isn't bad
      considering it cost $24 retail. I've enjoyed Payard
      more for coffee and pastries than for dinner. Good
      after the Whitney. I'd skip Ratners. If you want an
      injection of Jewish heritage, go to Barnie Greengrass
      for a smoked fish platter and some bialys. It's far,
      far better than Ratners. Other restaurants you might
      want to look into, especially not having been here
      since '85 are; Patria, Mesa Grill, Gotham, Aqua Grill
      and Blue Ribbon. All are quintessentially New York.