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Nov 25, 1998 07:37 AM

WTC Chowhoundin'

  • j

I spent a few hours last night kicking around the
neighborhood of the world trade center; I encountered
some very good fried chicken, an archetypal Greek
Coffee Shop, and a less than memorable piece of pizza.

The chicken was at Cornerstone Grill, 327 Greenwich St.
a few blocks north of WTC. It's tender, and the batter
is very tasty. CG is a takeout counter with one table,
and free delivery; besides chicken they have ribs,
burgers, and chopped pork. Their menu bears the slogan,
"Good Food is not Fast; Fast Food is not Good", which
if you think about it, is a peculiar slogan for a good
fast food restaurant.

The coffee shop is George's, on Liberty 3 blocks south
of WTC. Their neon sign has looked enticing to me the
last couple of times I've been in the neighborhood;
last night I stopped in for a cup of tea. There's
really nothing to say about George's besides that it's
exactly a Greek Coffee Shop in New York. Think Tom's on
113th, but without Seinfeld. I sat at the counter; the
man behind the counter was friendly.

The slice I ate at Steve's, around the corner from
George's. A nicely flavored tomato sauce and
fair-to-middling cheese, but the crust was sort of

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  1. t
    Thai food, near WTC.

    A co-worker has introduced me to Bennie's Thai, on Fulton. I lunch there often, and recommend their noodle; N2- Pad kee mao (also known as drunkards noodles) labeled spicy noodles on the menu, and N5. Bennie's not only has great food, but the interior is like a kitchen at home, and usually the service is great.