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Nov 22, 1998 02:20 PM

The Heartbeat at The W hotel

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Anyone tried it yet, due to formally open Dec 4th. Doing private seatings currently. How about any formal reviews done?

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  1. ..haven't heard of this one yet??
    what have you heard? where is it??

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    1. re: Caroline

      Oh, you'll hear plenty about it soon enough. The ads
      have already been running in the New York Times. It's
      a major venture, with Drew Nieporent (Montrachet,
      Tribeca Grill, Nobu, etc.) as the manager. The
      restaurant is going to attempt a low-fat menu (we'll
      see how long that lasts).

    2. You will see an article on it by Marian Burros on
      tomorrow's (Wednesday) NY Times Dining section.

      I have attended 2 test dinners there, and most of the
      food I had so far has been quite delicious (just a
      couple of minor flaws). The place looks quite

      Yes, the food is low-fat, but it certainly does not
      carry the stigma of bland, boring spa food. I left
      feeling satisfied, but not stuffed and bloated. But
      do not expect hefty portions.

      I wish I had taken a menu home with me so I could
      accurately describe the food. An appetizer salad with
      cured venison stands out in my mind, as does a very
      delicious wild mushroom ravioli with rabbit. For
      entrees,the duck breast in an extraordinary sweet
      potato sauce and an incredible roasted parsnip is my
      favorite. Also good were the pork loin in a mustard
      crust, and the beef tenderloin with wild mushrooms and
      yukon gold potato. Hopefully, Marian Burros' article
      tomorrow will do more justice to the food than my
      sketchy posting.

      Apps range from $9 to $14, and mains from $19 to $29.
      Not cheap, but considering that about 90% of the
      ingredients are organic, and the investment sunk in by
      the hotel, it is not so bad.