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Nov 17, 1998 09:13 PM

place for a christmas party

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i need a unique place for a Christmas party. we want good food and a different, but nice atmosphere. we are looking for more than a room for us to eat in at a restaurant. there will be 15-20 people.

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  1. Without sounding like I am tooting my own horn,
    perhaps you'd consider Washington Place Restaurant in
    the West Villiage for your X-mas party. I have been
    the chef at this smallish restaurant for the last
    year, and I love doing special menus for small
    groups. As a chef, it allows me to offer exactly what
    the customer wants, and not just the daily menu
    And to anyone else in cyberfoodland, please come visit
    this charming restaurant for dinner. I think that the
    internet is providing folks that opportunity to share
    their intimate food emotions with the world. I'd like
    to hear about them in person, and possibly create some
    new ones for the diners.
    Bon appetit!

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    1. re: seth


      Could you tell us more about Washington Place?

      I like your attitude about making special dishes for
      groups. I think many people would feel intimidated
      about making such a request.

      It's nice to have some chefs on chowhound. Do you get
      much time to explore other restaurants?


      1. re: Dave Feldman

        Unfortunately, my schedule prevents me from eating in
        other restaurants more than once/twice a week. I do
        however, take special care to note how other places
        are treating their guests. I find, as a diner, I need
        to be treated special, without any special treatment
        given. This should be a standard practice of the so-
        called "hospitality industry".
        When I do eat out, I like to mix it up, from fancy,
        elegant fin dining, to more or less "slumming it" for
        just good grub. My favs include Gramercy Tavern and
        Aquavit on the high end, to Tom's Restaurant in
        Brooklyn, Jackson Diner in Queens, and Nha Trang in

        At Washington Place, I am trying to create a welcoming
        post-colonial feel, where guests are treated equally
        special. We did manage to earn a 23 for service in
        our first year, dur especially to the attention
        lavished on our guests. In the kitchen, I earned a 21
        in my first year as chef, which thrilled the hell out
        of me as I am only 27 years young. I have got alot of
        better years to come in the food world.
        Over the short number of years in restaurants, I have
        probably eaten over 1000 dinners at other "worthwhile"
        restaurants (and maxed three credit cards too). I
        continue to eat and learn both as a diner and chef.
        Please come visit Washington Place to see what I can
        offer for you and your friends. I'm sure to please
        most diners, and the service will provide what you
        need to complete satisfaction.