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Nov 17, 1998 05:49 PM

The Screening Room

  • j

Has anyone eaten here? We're thinking of dining here
for Thanksgiving, mostly for the movie "Hannah and her
Sisters", but the prix fixe dinner at $54 seems pricey.


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  1. c
    Charles Troob

    Don't they still have a $30 dinner and movie deal? Or
    is that gone with the wind?

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    1. re: Charles Troob

      They still have the $30 deal, this is a special thing
      for Thanksgiving. I've eaten and seen a movie there
      and enjoyed the whole evening. The food, service
      and ambience was very good. I went for a 6:30 meal and
      an 8:00 movie. You buy your ticket at your table and
      it's added to the dinner bill. $54 plus $5 for the
      movie does seem pricey. I was tempted to bring my Mom
      there for Thanksgiving, but she owns "Hannah.."