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Nov 14, 1998 08:16 AM


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Had dinner @ I Trulli ( 122 E 27th ) last night.
Really unstuffy atmosphere and a beautiful fireplace -
love that aroma as winter approaches - set the tone for
some of the best , although a little pricey, chow I've
had in a while.
We started with cormeal fritters that surround goat
cheese and wild mushrooms and an order of grilled whole
calamari stuffed with zucchini. The flavors were
dynamite !
Then orrechiette served with veal bracchiole ( all the
pastas are homemade by the owners mom ) and the juciest
piece of stripped bass ( grilled on a wood fire ) that
was outstanding.
Check it out, Regards, JK

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  1. Although the atmosphere is 'truly'
    wonderful, we found the food
    pricey for the portions served.This
    was one night my husband was
    actually hungry after dining there
    and still holds our friends who
    chose it responsible (lol)!! Great,
    tasty tidbits, though.