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Nov 14, 1998 07:45 AM

Thanksgiving for 2 Recommendations?

  • j

Hi... any suggestions for a restaurant that offers a
traditional (more or less) Thanksgiving dinner? I
assume most places will be prix fixe, and don't wanna
spend more than $50/each (excluding drinks). Thanks!


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  1. f
    Frank Language

    Well, I've recommended this restaurant here before, but
    one restaurant I know does a wonderful prix-fixe
    Thanksgiving meal: Roettele A.G. (pronounced Row-ta-
    lay) on East 7th street between 1st and A. You can get
    traditional turkey, or probably fish like salmon, and
    aoup, a mixed-greens salad, and a dessert for under
    $25. Call ahead for reservations, though: 212-674-4140.