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Nov 12, 1998 01:23 PM

Spring Boy Fouzhou

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For lunch today, I followed up Sietsema's review of
Spring Boy Fouzhou on Allen St, in this week's Voice. I
ate dumpling soup and noodles with peanut sauce. I
would not order the dumpling soup again; the broth was
good but the dumplings were gristly. The noodles with
peanut sauce were sublime.

I think the thing to do there is take out; the dishes
in the steam table in front, which was for take out
only, looked interesting.

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  1. Boy you're fast Jeremy.

    Too bad about the gristly dumplings. There was a
    Fukienese restaurant on Division Street in the 1970s
    and early 1980s calle Foojoy, which had excellent
    dumplings that they served in soup called pork
    wontons. What made these unique was the skin, which
    was pork pounded with flour or cornstarch and which
    made a delicate and tasty wrapper. Closest equivalent
    may be the Kurdish Jewish kubbeh dumplings (l'havdil)
    but Foojoy's were much more delicate. I have heard
    that they are a Fukienese specialty. Does anyoneknow
    of other restaurants which serve them?

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    1. re: Alan Divack

      Having recently been in China, I'm curious to know what
      Fouzhou/Fukienese food is? Is Fouzhou a region on the

      1. re: Tom Traub

        Fukien is the mainland province accross the water from
        Taiwan. Fuzhou (formerly transliterated as Foochow) is
        one of the main cities. Fukienese cuisine is
        traditionally listed as one of the classic regional
        cuisines , along with Shantong/Beijing, Sichuan,
        Canton, and I forget where else , probably a Yangzte
        province (though I am tempted to say the Upper West

        Fukien is the homeland of many of the overseas Chinese
        of Southeast Asia, though in the past, not many have
        settled in the US and come to NY, and the cuisine is
        hard to find here.