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Nov 11, 1998 08:42 PM

Christmas With Kids

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For the first time (after living there for 20 years and
returning twice yearly ever since) I find myself
looking for a place to have Christmas dinner with my
wife and kids (13 and 10). The kids aren't very
adventurous with food, but we'd like it to be a special
experience. No, not Tavern on the Green. Do any of the
hotels do a nice spread? Any other suggestions? We're
staying in the East 50's, and wouldn't want to stray
too far from there.

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  1. I am also taking my sons into nyc, ( native new yorker too!) to Radio C ity.Last time we ate at the hard rock cafe, it was pretty good, but I am in the same predicament, want to try something new this time. I will let you know of anything else I find

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      I wanted to just correct my email address.

    2. It's probably closed on Christmas, but on the off
      chance that it isn't, I would consider Zarela's. It's
      on 2nd Ave. and about 52nd St. The food is rich,
      sophisticated Mexican--gets expensive because all the
      delicious vegetable dishes are a la carte. The first
      time we went there--perhaps 10-12 years ago--we took
      our kids who loved it and always wanted to go back (but
      never got to). The food is unusual and very good, but
      apparently kid friendly (steak fajitas, for instance),
      though I imagine Zarela wants to stay home for