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Nov 9, 1998 06:45 PM

Solo Thanksgiving

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I am doing a major gear-shift this year and intend to do Thanksgiving on my own (after reviewing some pretty unsavory alternatives). Wondering what thoughts may strike you as to places that would be amenable. Not worried about dining solo, do it often enough, but find holidays something of a hurdle. I CAN do this. Any thoughts?

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  1. Chinatown! back to the Trillin thread, I think Chinese
    food is best for American holidays. Try tea-smoked duck
    or something to keep within the fowl range. I also
    recommend Chinese food for CHristmas, Channukah and New

    1. I hate Thanksgiving. Somehow this year I am stuck with
      the relatives in Florida, whose idea of Thanksgiving is
      to eat dreadful food (did you know you can buy gravey
      iin a cam?) in about 20 minutes, and then the men go
      and watch 6 hours of football while the women are left
      with the disgusting turkey grease dishes! The best
      Thanksgiviing I ever had was two years ago when I went
      buy myself to have Dim Sum in Chinatown. Sat with a
      German couple, some other people, ate just enough,
      spent very little and had a great time. Wish I was
      doing it again this year!