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Nov 7, 1998 11:36 AM


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I have a choice of going to Bouley Bakery,
Felidia or to Le Bernardin (but I have been there
many, many times). I've never been to the other
Who's got an opinion?
Thanks for your help!

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  1. Felidia, easily. Especially now that it's getting cold
    - this is food for the mouth and soul.

    1. I must agree, definitely Felidia. Bouley Bakery is
      over-rated, you've been to Bernadine, go to Felidia.
      The food is wonderful and the wine list is superb. If
      your not paying try for one of the single vinyard
      Gajas, or a sublime Sassicaia.

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      1. re: scottreiner


        Chose Bouley Bakery.
        The food was fantastic but the service was very lacking.
        I'm not sure I'd call it overated. It was too good.