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Nov 1, 1998 04:55 PM

Tramps = $$$$

  • j

Has Abe gone nutso? I haven't been to Tramps for a
while, but it was always one of my cajun faves with
more than reasonable prices. I was shell-shocked to
see the prices practically double. Average entree's
about $17 now. And they gave the two of us a platter
of rice which was enough for one. That's the ultimate
in cheapness. The waiter did say that we could have
more if we wanted... I told him just to bring over
another platter immediately. Total = $52 for 2.. no
drinks, 2 entrees, 1 soup and 1 dessert. No wonder the
place was half empty on a Saturday nite. [Perhaps Abe
sold the place... anyone know?]


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