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Oct 23, 1998 10:09 AM

Upcoming Visit

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I'm visiting Manhattan next weekend (from the UK.) I'd
like some recommendations on the following:

1)Good Steakhouse - (Not too stiff atmosphere!)
2)Good Seafood Restaurant
3)Restaurant with some great views of the city (Either
on or off Manhattan)

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  1. Dave,

    A restaurant with a beautiful view of Manhattan is
    the Water's Edge which is located across the East
    River in Long Island City, Queens. On a clear night
    the view is splendid! It is almost directly across
    from the United Nations buildling.

    Enjoy your visit to our lovely city!

    1. Dave: Further to my earlier message -
      The Water's Edge provides free ferry service
      from Manhattan.

      1. Depends on what you mean by stiff. There are very few
        stifflingly formal steak houses in NY. Try Sparks or
        Smith & wollensky's. The steak is great in both,
        Sparks a bit better, but both are perfect NY staek
        houses. for sea food, if money is no object go to Le
        Bernadin, or for less cash try Aqua Grill. Its on 6th
        and either Prince or Spreing. Great food and very

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        1. re: scott reiner

          I've been to Sparks twice, and both times the steak was
          overcooked; so if you like your meat red (as any
          respectable consumer does) make your preference clear.
          (Medium rare seems now to mean medium.) I've never
          been to S&W but I think there have been other postings
          on the board which have not spoken highly of it. Peter
          Luger seems to be everyone's top choice, and that would
          give you an excuse to get to the boroughs during your

          1. re: scott reiner
            Hal Hendershot

            I would definitely agree that Aquagrill is the best
            seafood restaurant in Manhattan excluding Le Bernadin,
            of course. I am not such a fan of Peter Lugers but the
            Michael Jordon restaurant in Grand Central is supposed
            to be good and you get to see the restored Grand
            Central Station.

            1. re: Hal Hendershot

              Another possibility for downscale seafood is Chinatown.
              You can get excellent fish and seafood, often swimming
              in tanks until seconds before it is cooked, in many
              Cantonese restaurants. Some possibilities are Kam
              chueh on the Bowery, Jin Fong and Oriental Town Seafood
              on Elizabeth, and Tindo on Eldridge, though I don't
              think the last has live fish.

          2. I am more informal, downtown
            diner myself--I'd go with Angelo &
            Maxies on Park Avenue South or
            even Steak Frites for steak
            (2)more pricey Docks for seafood
            on Third Avenue around 40th
            and (3) for a great view and not so
            great food Top of the Sixes on Fifth
            Ave ( I've really only been there for
            lunch !)
            Enjoy your visit, the weather is
            supposed to be nice !

            1. If you're only going to visit one steakhouse in New
              York, you should certainly make it Peter Luger. The
              Peter Luger porterhouse steak is just about the finest
              cut of meat available in the U.S. (outside of,
              perhaps, a few private clubs in places like Kansas
              City). This is the considered opinion of most steak-
              savvy New Yorkers, as well as most critics who have
              written on the subject.

              I'm not a big fan of restaurants that offer nice
              views. They tend to be tourist traps. One exception
              that I can think of--which fulfills both your seafood
              and view requirements--is the Seagrill, in Rockefeller
              Center. It doesn't offer a panoramic city view, but it
              does have a great view of the Rockefeller Center ice-
              skating rink. It has the additional benefit of serving
              excellent seafood, probably third-best in New York
              (after Le Bernardin and Oceana), or at least somewhere
              up there.

              Another good seafood choice would be a Japanese
              restaurant. I've had a couple of fantastic meals at
              Next Door Nobu (the new branch of Nobu, just up the
              block from the original) and the sushi, sashimi and
              other seafood (including a great raw bar) are pretty
              much flawless. And that's certainly not your only
              Japanese option.

              In addition, don't focus on the fancy, tourist-
              oriented restaurants to the exclusion of New York's
              great mix of ethnic cuisines. Jim has been down on the
              Greek food of Astoria lately, but I've been happy with
              my recent visits to Christos Hasapo-Taverna and
              Telly's Taverna. Or at least get to Chinatown (or,
              even better, the Chinese area of Queens, in Flushing).