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Oct 22, 1998 08:12 PM

Lucien - a bistro?

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Baby Jake's on First Ave near Houston has been
replaced by a French bistro-looking place called
Lucien. I think it's the same owners. It looks
interesting, but I only seem to pass by when it's
closed and I'm wondering if it's worth a special
trip. Has anyone tried it yet? Thanks.

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  1. I live across the street and I've already eaten there 3
    times. Very french with fabulous food. Limited menu,
    but everything I've had was great. The first time I
    had the duck and dreamt of it for a week then went back
    and had it again! You get the breast, rare, sliced up,
    and the leg, along with turnips and (kind of a small)
    fig. The last time I went I had mussels which were
    incredible--lots of rich, garlic-y sauce. I order
    frites which was a mistake because my husband had
    ordered the steak which came with enough frites for
    both of us! Tasted: the snails---wait for them to cool
    down, the boulibasse, the tuna tartara, a couple of
    steask, the rabbit (yum! rich and creamy sauce)and the
    creme brulee which I ordered but which was devoured by
    fy "I don't eat dessert friends." Go! enjoy! I think
    it's still BYOB, but I'm not sure. Also, if you like
    this type of food, try Flea Market on A and 9th.

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      Thanks, Corndog. You make it sound irresistable. The
      last few days I notice they're also doing lunch and
      breakfast, so if they start early enough, maybe I can
      at least check out the breakfast. They also had a big
      picture in last week's Time Out NY with a positive-
      sounding blurb. I will try it soon.

      1. re: corndog

        After reading your post Corndog -- I wanted to eat a duck that I would dream about for weeks! Perhaps they had an off night tonight? I could taste the potential in the duck but, alas, it had been sitting around so long that by the time it made its way to me, it was way past its prime. The vegetables were sublime however, and the frites were out of this world. My biggest beef with the place is the VERY cozy seating. I was sitting so close to my neighbor that I was afraid I'd have to take him home to meet my parents...! Far too close for comfort.