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Oct 10, 1998 02:07 PM

Post-theatre dinner?

  • c

My wife is a musician and subs in some Broadway shows.
We're always looking for a good, casual, reasonably
priced place to grab a bite in the theatre district
after her show lets out. Any recommendations?

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  1. nearby is Nocello, 8th and 55th I believe. good italian. give it a try

    1. j
      Josh Mittleman

      I was going to suggest the Redeye Grill, on
      7th in the 50s. It's casual, quite good, lots of fun,
      but somewhat expensive.

      Walk further west. 9th and 10th Avenues have dozens of
      inexpensive restaurants. Try Mangia e Bevi, which I
      believe is on 10th in the upper 50s. Simple,
      unpretentious Italian at good prices (or at least it
      used to be; I haven't been there in years).