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Oct 10, 1998 12:18 AM

Le Bernardin

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I'm being taken to Le Bernardin for a celebratory
lunch next week. This is an opportunity that just
doesn't present itself to me very often and I don't
want to waste it. Does anyone have any advice - what
not to miss or what to definitely skip - or anything
else I should keep in mind? --other than to enjoy, of
course. Thanks.

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  1. Every dish I have tried on the Le Bernardin menu has
    been among the best of its kind. It's a gigantic menu
    and, while there are a few signature items, I have not
    found them to be any better than anything else. My
    advice, therefore, would be to order the things that
    appeal to your tastes. If you're a tuna fan, get the
    tuna tartare, etc. Also, the waitstaff is very helpful
    and will make trustworthy suggestions based on what is
    on the menu right now (it changes often). The weekday
    lunch crowd at Le Bernardin is very corporate and thus
    the restaurant makes an effort to move the meals along
    so that people can be in and out in less than 90
    minutes. Some people I know have interpreted this as
    rushing. It is not. If you want to enjoy a more
    leisurely meal, just mention it to your waiter.