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Oct 8, 1998 08:05 PM

Nyonya or Penang?

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We have some visiting relatives who will be staying in
Soho this weekend, and they want to go someplace
exotic. We thought that we would bring them to Nyonya
or Penang (the one on Elizabeth, not Spring!!).

I love Nyonya, but have never been to that Penang.
Anyone have any opinions? Are you listening Gary?

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  1. Alan -- I liked the Penang on Elizabeth St. when it
    first opened. But on returning several times, it's not
    as good. I think they shipped the good guys off to
    another newer Penang opening elsewhere.

    So, go to Nyonya. That's the most consistent one in
    Manhattan. The Penang in Soho is the worst of the
    bunch. My feeling is that if you need to go to a
    Penang restaurant, the ONLY choice is the orignal one
    in Flushing.