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Oct 5, 1998 09:27 PM


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has anyone been to well's in harlem? what's the food
&music like? can we turn up late &just listen? thanks

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  1. Food was good. Their special is fried chicken &
    waffles, one of the delights of the universe. Dessert
    was an impossibility after the wafflefest so I can't
    comment on that.
    The dining room is pretty small, part of it is taken up
    by a small dance floor & (on mondays) a really fine big
    band--none of that square neo swing crap. There are
    two rooms, you enter through a bar area.
    Crowd was foreign tourists digging the Harlem thing and
    older locals. Former in jeans and t-shirts, latter
    dressed swell. Some of old-timers who hang there on
    Mondays are original Lindy Hoppers. Smooth! We were
    too intimidated to dance.
    I can't remember set times so I don't know how late you
    can go. There is a cover of $5 and a $15 minimum, if I
    remember correctly.

    (Are you the Rex I have met? Friend of Nancy & Phast
    Preddie etc.)