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Oct 5, 1998 05:13 PM

Hey, Anyone Ever Try The Pancakes at ABC Carpet & Home's Cafe?

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Okay, this is major scoop! I recently met Mitchell
London, one of the big shots behind the food at ABC's
whimsical "Parlour Cafe". He urged me to try "Aunt
Elaine's Bottomless Pancakes". Well, for the last THREE
weekends guess where I've been having brunch? The cost
of these yummy moist-not-cake-y crepe-like yummies is
$8.50 and worth every penny. But be forewarned...too
many bottomless pancakes does not make too many
bottomless chowh

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  1. My wife and I go there all the time and you're right --
    the pancakes are awesome! My record so far is 5 refills
    of the bottomless plate. Other things there are great,
    too. Particularly the croques monsieur, french bread
    pizza,any of the quiches and the incredible cupcakes.
    The same food is available at the Mitchell London Foods
    on E. 65th St. and the new one on 9th Ave. Anything
    that guy touches is the best.

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    1. re: joel

      I'm headed to NYC and this place interested me. Can you tell me where it is?

      1. re: r. barrio

        It's located on the ground floor of ABC Carpet, an
        upscale home furnishings department store, on the
        corner of Broadway and 19th St.

    2. Last Saturday,after a little bit of shopping in the
      store, I had the cheese blintzes and my brunchmate had
      the potato pancakes. Both were wonderful. We were
      pleased with everything, service,
      tea (loose, not bags) wonderful atmosphere. Prices are
      a bargain, too. We will definitely go back for
      more...(maybe the pancakes.)