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Oct 1, 1998 09:27 AM

Lunch near World Trade Center

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Anyone know of any good reasonably priced places near
the World Trade Center?

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  1. try Tokyo Lunch on John, between Bway and Nassau. A hole in the wall, but consistently tasty hot dishes, at a good price. Also, the felafel vendor on the sw corner of bway and Liberty is good.

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    1. re: jenkalb

      Try a clean adorable Irish place place called Moran's
      (No, not the Moran's at the World Financial Center).
      It's located at 103 Washington Place (corner of Rector)
      and it is housed in a former jewel-box gothic church.
      There's even a fireplace, wood/brass bar and friendly
      Irish waitstaff. Try their simple soups, sandwiches,
      chicken pot pies. It feels like (someone else's) home.
      Avoid it after work when it become a cigar-smoking
      nightmare, at lunchtime, it's a delight! Hope you l