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Sep 28, 1998 01:42 PM

Union Sq farmers market

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Does anyone know how late into the fall does the
farmers market offer an abundance? Does it go all year
'round? Thanks.

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  1. It goes all year, but after a certain point - November
    or so - seems to be mainly root veggies, maybe apples
    and baked goods.

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    1. re: Barb H.

      ...and those amazing Martin's pretzels and, on
      Saturdays, Quattro Farms for amazing chicken and other
      fowl, as well as venison, and on Wednesdays and
      Saturdays, the Knoll Hill Farm's impeccable eggs and
      delicious chicken, and lamb (frozen, but quite
      succlent) from Barbara (can't remember the name of
      the farm right now), and all sorts of root vegetables
      and even flowers, as well as hydroponic greens--all
      this and even more is at the Union Square Greenmarket
      throughout the winter, along with occasional seasonal
      surprises, like Christmas trees. (I once found quince
      in November.) I've been visiting as often as the market
      is open since I moved to the nabe in 1978, and
      everything you've heard about it is true. Not only was
      the Greenmarket instrumental (to say the least) in
      transforming the neighborhood, it virtually spawned
      some of the best restaurants in the country, and,
      perhaps best of all, it has saved dozens and dozens of
      farms from extinction (ask any farmer there). Now, with
      Union Square about to expand, especially along the
      western rim, the Greenmarket can only grow and flourish
      further. Hosannah!

      1. re: Tom S
        Frank Language

        Tom S writes: "the Knoll Hill Farm's impeccable eggs"

        Knoll Krest. They're also a tremendous value; they had
        them reduced a few weeks ago and I got two dozen for

        "and delicious chicken, and lamb (frozen, but quite
        succlent) from Barbara (can't remember the name of the
        farm right now)"

        Wooly Hill? They also sell sheepskins and yarn. And the
        McLarens of Whippoorwill Farm in Connecticut sell meat
        (beef, pork, lamb, veal), all raised on their farm.
        It's entirely because of Linda McLaren, sitting out
        there knitting every week, that I was inspired to learn
        to knit; she also sells a variety of her own handknit
        hats, socks, and sweaters, and just in time for
        Christmas. Plus there's Ted Blew with his "High Hope
        Hogs"; he's out of Pennsylvania and sells all sorts of
        pork products, plus peppers (several varieties,
        including habanero), pumpkins, squash, and the best
        white hulless popcorn you've ever had. And there's
        Ronnybrook Farms, where you can get all their dairy
        products including their several flavors of ice cream
        and butter. At the Our Daily Bread stand, you can get a
        chocolate hazelnut cake that's more than great for only
        $5.00. And my dog Tipper likes to shop for bread there;
        the pesto bread seems to be her favorite.

        Nah, not much doing in the winter months; might as well
        go hibernate.

      2. re: Barb H.

        If you're a fan of the Greenmarket, you should be aware
        that the current expansion plan of Union Square, put
        together by the Parks Dept., threatens to remove at
        least 20 farmers permanently, in order to make room for
        a double-row of trees and a pathway. I think it would
        devastating, as I agree with the other notes about the
        market's pivotal role in reviving the area and saving
        small farms. If you go to the market on its running
        days (Mon., Wed., Fri. , Sat.) there are signs and
        petitions for one to sign in order to save the market.
        They also are distributing info. on the relevant people
        to write to at the Parks Dept., Community Board #5,
        and the City Council.

        1. re: janet

          Barb's right. Plans are in the works. Please, at least go down to Union Sq. and sign the petition. Please.


          1. re: Pete Feliz

            In spite of my lukewarm-sounding post above, I have
            been a great fan of the Union Sq. greenmarket since it
            opened and all through it's various expansions. I
            think it would be a crime to make any changes, let
            alone make it smaller. I suggest everyone cut and
            paste Janet's well-said post into an email and spread
            it around to any New Yorkers who can pass by and sign
            the petition. Let's make our opinions known!