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Sep 26, 1998 10:08 AM

Mom's B-Day--option 1: Smorgasbord!

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Can anyone recommend a good Scandinavian-style
Smorgasbord restaurant in Manhattan? My mom's birthday
lunch is next weekend, and that's what she craves!


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  1. I thought there used to be one at Aquavit, but it's
    years since I've heard references to it.

    There is a Norwegian Seaman's church that does a
    wonderful buffet lunch every Wednesday - I don't know
    if it's up to birthday standards for mom, but there's
    plenty of fish for you, and the atmosphere is
    comfortable and dignified, you'll hear lots of
    Norwegian spoken, the price is reasonable and the
    food, especially if you like salmon in various
    permutations, is quite good. I'm pretty sure the
    church is on 53rd st, maybe 51st, definitely between
    1st and 2nd on the north side of the street.
    Hope you find something you both like.

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    1. re: Barb H.

      The Delegates' Dining Room at the UN (with
      reservations it's open to the public) is doing a
      Norwegian buffet at lunchtime for the month of
      October. The food is copious and good. Offerings
      vary, but today there was lots of gravlax, roast goose
      (is this Norwegian?), several other fish dishes:
      salmon, haddock, catfish, marinated mussle salad,
      roasted onion salad, lamb shanks, and I forget what
      else, but it was lovely. Desserts included a marzipan
      covered yellow cake, linzertorte, cloudberry-cream
      stuff (sure, that's what the label said), fresh figs,
      a spicy (as in cinnamon and cloves) fruit compote, a
      trifle, icecreams, chocolate cups filled with a fruit
      cream topped with passionfruit syrup - again I forget
      the rest. I think it's a really good value, too.

      1. re: Barb. H.

        Danes and Norwegians often roast and smoke
        geese and ducks. One wonderful dish is their
        roasted duck stuffed with prunes and apples.
        Norway has superb reindeer meat, which is a
        must when visiting Oslo's Munch museum (decent