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Sep 25, 1998 10:50 AM


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I am looking for a good cheap breakfast place somewhere
in the vicinity of Union Square...any suggestions?

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    Dan Sonenberg

    I love the City Bakery, which I know has been written
    about on this site before. In the mornings they serve
    oatmeal and have a nice selection of fixin's. Their
    tarts are among the best I've tasted in NYC, and I very
    much enjoy their new lower-fat (but not quite low fat!)
    muffins--Blueberry and Cherry, both of which are filled
    with more than the standard portion of fruit. An added
    plus is that they use all organic flour in their baked
    goods, and use fresh ingredients from the neighboring
    market. It's also quite a nice place to sit in the

    And of course, they are famous for their hot chocolate.

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    1. re: Dan Sonenberg

      The City Bakery sounds worth a trip. Where is it

      1. re: Barb H.
        Dan Sonenberg

        Oops! Sorry about that. The City Bakery is on 17th
        street between Union Square and 5th ave. (closer to
        Union Square). It's on the south side of the street.


        1. re: Dan Sonenberg

          Thanks for the follow-up. I was actually going to head
          over there but got side tracked and ended up eating
          lunch elswhere...but next trip in...

    2. Time Cafe on lafayette has unbelievable pancakes. And,
      a couple of blocks south, NoHo Star has great french

      1. The Cafe at ABC Home is wonderful, great food in an
        antique-filled room (where everything is for sale) and
        it is usually not crowded except for take-out.