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Sep 25, 1998 09:51 AM

Paris Zagat vs. New York Zagat

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This past summer I was lucky enough to be in Paris for
a short while, and while there I picked up a copy of
the new(ish) Paris Zagat guide. It was very
interesting to me that restaurants that were far
superior in quality to NY restuarants with 25+ food
ratings often got no higher than a 16 or 17. One that
comes to mind is Au Bascou, a bistro that in my opinion
simply crushes the best French fare NYC has to offer.
It got a 16 from French voters. Are New Yorkers just
much more generous? Or are their standards that much

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  1. This is the first edition of the guide in Paris. I
    think that it will take a few years to get the formula
    right. Personaly, I do not like it very much. Zagat
    is good for general ideas and adresses, phone numbers,
    etc... But looking through the Paris edition, I could
    not believe how many wonderful restaurants they missed!

    1. m
      Martin Merowitz

      Nominated " La Maison de Cosima" last year; had read of
      it in NYer, and had visited.
      Not included- perhaps too few write-ins.
      But not even on their forms for the '99 edition.
      So go figure.

      Any othervisitors to Cosima? Opinions?