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Sep 24, 1998 10:30 AM


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Who knows what about the restaurant Frank in the village? Thanks!

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  1. I heard a review by Ruth Reichl a month or two
    ago about Frank. She gushed! Drawbacks are
    mainly limited capacity and a small kitchen. I
    myself cant wait to go as soon as I am in NYC.

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    1. re: TK
      Josh Mittleman

      Reichl gushes. She's like that. It's not always

      1. re: Josh Mittleman

        And how does Ruth gush. She's also often haunted by the tastes she's experienced.

        1. re: Pete Feliz

          I had dinner at Frank last night. There is always a wait because i) the place is tiny and ii) they don't take reservations. Once you get in though, the place is charming and very homey. The food is OK, but comforting and simple. It is a really nice neighborhood restaurant, but I don't think I would travel across the city to go there often.

          1. re: Alex

            I went there with a friend based upon the NY Times review. I thought it was OK (not great); he absolutely hated the experience and blamed them for a subsequent upset stomach. My advice: if you're in the area and they don't seem too crowded, try it. But do not make a special effort to go there specifically.