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Sep 23, 1998 04:32 PM

Hot Sauces

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Does anyone know a store that has a wide variety of
hot sauces? Someone sent me to Bright Food Shop and I
was a little disappointed with their selection.


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  1. Mo Hotta Mo Betta is a catalog and web site which has a
    huge selection of hot sauces from the USA, Asia,
    Jamaica and some other locales.
    How about Gourmet Garage ?
    Regards, JK

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    1. re: John Knoesel
      Dan Sonenberg

      There used to be a store on Sullivan Street called Hot
      Stuff: Spicy food, that basically sold nothing but
      hot sauce. I was so sad when I saw that they were
      gone. Believe it or not, Zabars has started stocking
      a much wider range of hot sauces (I think they have
      a better selection than Gourmet Garage). The
      Buritoville has started keeping a variety of hot sauces
      in their shops--some of which are truly excellent. But
      they are not for sale, and no-one who works there ever
      knows where they come from.

      1. re: Dan Sonenberg

        The "Hot Stuff" store on Sullivan became, briefly, a
        catalogue-only enterprise, then the guy folded it.

        Currently, the two best hot sauce emporiums in
        Manhattan are:

        Kitchen Market on Eighth Avenue between 21 and 22
        243-4433, which also features fresh and dried chiles
        and a wild variety of other Mexicana. The take-out is
        usually quite good.

        Widest selection, though, is at that second-floor
        walk-up store (I think it's called Provisions) on
        the east side of Broadway between Prince and Spring.
        She's got quirky hours, but what a selection! All sorts
        of other odd foods there--great herb and grain
        selections, lots of condiments, dried fruits, olives,
        and such. Good prices, too.

        Yours in heat,


    2. I can't recommend any one place as having every sort of item, but there are a lot of possibilities, (1) Kalyustan (Lex and 28th) which has chili pepper products from many different lands, from the west to the east indies, but also particularly the hot pepper paste sold at the deli counter in back and the crushed mideast pepper sold by the ounce (2) Kam Kuo or other chinatown groceries, including the vietnamese ones have great hot sauces, including sambal oelek and similar s.e. asian products. The Garden of Eden stores in the 20s also have a fair number of choices. In brooklyn, Eagle Provisions, the two Nuevo Faro supermarkets and a number of new mexican stores, all on 5th Ave between 6th and 20th Sts have a range of hot sauces, as does Sahadi on Atlantic Ave. I really like the Melinda's line of habenero sauces, sold in a number of these places. Good luck.

      1. Had a wonderful HOT sauce called Sriacha at a Vietnamese rest. in Tribeca. I asked the waiter where I might buy it and he suggested "Chinatown." sighhhh. But the bottle had a web address, and I was able to mail order the wonderful stuff from

        mmmmm...hurts so good.

        1. l
          L. E. Vennard

          I would like to trade my VENNARD FARMS REAL HOT pepper
          sauce for a jar of yours. I grow all my own peppers
          and process it in my state approved catering kitchen.
          We call our sauce REAL HOT and I know you'll agree.