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Sep 23, 1998 12:34 PM

Italian Restaurant

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Looking for a moderate priced Italian restaurant on the upper east side between 72nd and 90th Streets.
Taking my parents out to dinner and would like a quiet
upscale environment.

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  1. try quattro gatti, not sure the address. Pretty good
    food, resonable prices

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    1. re: Scott Reiner

      go to trastevere,east 85th st. 212 517 3118, the Lattanzi brothers have been serving nyc italian food for a long time, very good., or Mazzei, 2nd ave 83rd?

    2. d
      Dan Sonenberg

      Does it absolutely have to be the Upper East Side? A
      quick cab ride through the park would take you to
      Scaletta, on 77th betw. Columbus and CPW. It is a
      quiet, charming restaurant that has never, ever let me
      down. You may see some celebs there, but there is a
      notable absence of "scene." Their penne arabiatta,
      which I think you need to ask for (it's not on the
      menu) is the best I've had, here OR IN ITALY!!! Their
      other dishes have never disappointed, and it sounds
      like it would fit the bill quite nicely for you.