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Feb 19, 2002 01:04 PM

Nantucket in Crockett

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Here's a note that a friend recently sent me, about a wharfside restaurant called Nantucket. Enjoy!
"Nantucket is this true dockside restaurant that time forgot in Crockett
directly underneath the Carcinas bridge and next to the old C&H sugar cane
factory. To get there you go down this unmarked bumpy pothole road that
deadends at the pier. You have to literally hike across the railroad tracks
to get over to the restaurant that faces the water. It has been open 50
years and mainly serves fisherman and retired longshoremen. The menu and
sauces are surprisingly artful and creative yet still contain all of the
seafaring staples - fish n chips, shrimp louie, Cajun popcorn shrimp etc." Anyone been?

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  1. Been going for years. My husband really likes it. It is like a trip back in time. Had a nice piece of halibut there about a year ago but I find their quality inconsistent.

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    1. re: susan blair

      How does Nantucket compare to the Dead Fish ? I have considered stopping in at the latter on swings up to the wine country, but if Nantucket will net me a better meal, I'll veer that way.

      1. re: Kriss Reed

        I'm sorry but I have never been to the Dead Fish. Isn't it in the building on the top of the hill that used to be Vera's Villa Valona? I think Dead Fish may be a chain. Nantucket is not and is certainly worth giving a try. Pick a good weather day.

        1. re: Kriss Reed

          Nantucket: Small, homey, local, funky, and character. Not horribly expensive and where you might sneak down to when you want to be "local". If Uncle Ernie opened up a restaurant, it would look like this. Comfortable.

          Dead Fish: Big, valet parking, elegant, fine food, great wine list, normal to small portions, great service, awesome view from up on the hill.
          I figure that the place is excellent, but priced a bit higher than a place in Crockett should be priced.
          It's a great place for an expense account dinner.
          I'm not sure if I'd really call it romantic - but the view is majestic at night - all the way up to the Napa Valley.

      2. I went to the Dead Fish once. I don't think it's a chain - there was a long story on the menu about how the name came from the owner's grandmother. (It's a reply to "What's in this dish?")

        I thought it was O.K., but expensive for what it was. I've always liked Nantucket, and I think it is the better choice...

        1. Nantucket -
          Right down the street from my girlfriend's house.
          Dinner? It's ok. Food's decent and hot. Old deep fried seafood standards plus fresh catch and steak, chicken, etc.
          You'd really go there for the old time, "local's haunt" atmosphere - which in Crockett, is DEF not "hoity toity".
          The view is unique, under the Carquinez Bridge, viewing a small harbor, complete with working fishing boats and several WW2 landing craft and across the Straights.
          The "hike" to get there is 40-50 feet of gravel parking lot and there is always plenty of room to park. You do have to cross a set of railroad tracks and if you are lucky (i.e. wait 10-15 minutes) you can relive a child's memory of standing next to a real freight or passenger train passing right by at 25-30 mph.
          Yep - that means, that when you are eating, you can count the trains by the vibrations in your water glass.
          Great place to experience.
          I like the Sunday breakfast, best.
          It's fairly fast, hot, real and you'll have a hard time ever going to a restaurant that has more "character".

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          1. re: marc99

            You've captured Nantucket's "charm" perfectly, thank for the post.

            1. re: marc99

              Thanks for the update. What is Sunday breakfast like these days at Dead Fish? I loved it when it was really inexpensive and a la carte. If you wanted potatoes or something with the omelette, it was extra. People complained so they added potatoes and upped the prices. What do you like there for breakfast?

              Have you ever been to The Waterfront in Rodeo. It has the same ambiance as The Nantucked. The view isn't as nice though.

            2. The Nantucket is a great waterfront 'joint' as everyone notes. been there a dozen times on the road from SF to points east. quality is inconsistent, but it can be very good and servings are generous. lots of kids and noise inside, but terrific to eat outside on a hot summer day. prices are modest.

              Dead Fish just up the hill is quite a bit more expensive and a whole lot tonier. better choice for taking parents and business associates. the food is mostly just a little fancier, not necessarly better, but the bucket of mussels is great.

              1. Wow! I used to go to Nantucket in the early 80's; it was much smaller then (half the size) but even then, the wait for tables was long at times, especially on Friday nights. That gravel parking lot and train tracks are still there! I remember they used to give out these little buttons to wear, with your check, that said "It was worth the wait". It was a great spot filled with after work locals, commuters waiting to head back over the Carquinez Bridge, families, and the owners/staff were very friendly. I remeber enjoying the fried prawns, fried zucchini, seafood saute, petrale sole, clam chowder and the bread, which we used to call the "saturated bread", as it had tons of butter and garlic (but that was a good thing). They've changed owners/decor/size/menu over the years but I think it's still an OK spot to sit outside and have lunch at on a sunny day.