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Sep 23, 1998 12:00 PM

anyone know good korean?

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Where is the best korean in manhattan?

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    Bill Schwartz

    The two best I've been to are Dok Suni (119 1st Ave.
    between 7th and St. Mark's) and Woo Chon (8-10 W. 36th
    b/w 5th & 6th). They are very different - Dok Suni is
    a little less expensive (neither are that expensive),
    has a hipper, more diverse crowd, but is delicious.
    The bimbimbop and seafood scallion pancakes are
    incredible. Woo Chon is in the traditional Koreatown
    area, the clientelle is mainly Koreans, and the menus
    is bigger. I think the food is better at Dok Suni but
    some of my friends disagree (although a Korean friend
    of mine swears by Dok Suni and has gone there many
    times since I told her about it).


    Bill Schwartz

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      The best overall "standard" Korean fare is probably Woo
      Chon with the highest quality meat of any Korean
      restaurant. This is an essential for kalbi or bulgogi.
      The Korean underground go to Gam Mee Oak for hands down
      the best kimchee this side of the Pacific. Even better
      is that it is free when you order a bowl of ox tail
      soup. Finally, a newcomer is Cho Dang Gol which
      specializes in tofu. It is exquisite.

      1. re: Bill Schwartz

        Went to Woo Chon on w36th. VERY GOOD! thanks