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Sep 23, 1998 11:24 AM

Cornelia Street Cafe

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I've never had worse, or ruder, service, anywhere. Be warned, stay away! (Oh, the food was terrible too).

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  1. Sure, the food is bad. But I've got to disagree with
    you about the service. I think CSC is a great cafe, bad
    restaurant -- I love to go there and listen to the
    poetry readings downstairs, drink a cup of coffee. It's
    a beautiful space, and I've only ever had friendly
    service. (Though I don't know if the same waiters do
    dinner as do the downstairs cafe.)

    1. I went to hear some friends who were playing
      downstairs and was incredibly disappointed by the
      waitstaff and their friends who hung out smoking and
      making LOTS of noise when everyone else there was
      trying to listen. I won't go back there again.