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Sep 11, 1998 10:56 AM

Le Bernardin

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Is it still worth it?

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      1. re: gini

        I've been to Le Bernardin twice this year. Both meals
        were outstanding. Almost everybody agrees that it is
        one of the best restaurants in America. With Daniel
        and Lespinasse closed right now, it is arguably the
        best in New York for the time being. On one visit, I
        had an a la carte lunch and, on the other visit, I had
        the dinner tasting menu. Every dish on both visits was
        at least very good. Some were excellent. A few were
        awe-inspiring. Service is just about perfect. The room
        is comfortable, if a bit large and impersonal. The
        reception at the front can be a little cold, but the
        rest of the staff is warm and friendly. It's
        expensive, though, and the menu is not as creative or
        interesting as it was in the Le Coze days.