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Sep 11, 1998 09:44 AM

La Luncheonette report

  • j

My wife's being on a diet has put a crimp in my eating
out lately; but last night I managed to slip off by
myself for a quiet dinner at La Luncheonette, on 10th
Ave. and 18th Street.

The food there really blew my mind -- I had an
asparagus vichyssoise and linguine with wild mushrooms
and basil, and everything tasted _just right_. The
glass of sauvignon blanc I ordered was a little
disappointing. I skipped dessert; with tax and tip it
cost $30.

Service is friendly, and the decor is nice; overall I
recommend it highly. One thing that seemed a little
unusual was the number of organ meats dishes on the
menu -- like nearly half the entrees, if I'm
remembering correctly, featured organ meats. I can't
remember going to a restaurant that had more than maybe
one or two such dishes.


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  1. la Luncheonette is our (me and my boyfriend's) favorite
    restaurant and luckily just down the block from our
    apartment. we particularly enjoy their steak poive,
    chicken in mustard sauce and the rack of lamb. their
    bread and wine are good, too. go go go (make
    reservations) 10th ave and 18th st.