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Sep 8, 1998 11:24 AM

Surya - Love Ya!

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I checked out the new minimalist-chic Indian-French fusion place, Surya, in the West Village (If you've lived in the Village for awhile, you'll recall that this used to be the home of the Manhattan Chili Company). Anyway, the food was wonderful, presentation was all the way French and you could make a meal of all of the wonderful appetizers. The food is very spicy and Indian beers compliment it well but I tried their house special, the "Tajmopolitan" -- everything's a haze after that! You definitely need reservations here -- ask for manager Shayenne.

Also, forgive me for allowing the ghost of Lisa Antinore (hi Lisa) to enter my body but...I must tell you more! After checking out super-chic Lot 61, I discovered a funky biker bar nearby called Red Rock West (457 W.17th) -- what a hoot, a real only-in-NY experience, GO!

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    robert sietsema

    But too damn expensive! And their masala dosai sucked!

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    1. re: robert sietsema

      And the paratha wasn't good, either.

      And when we went, it was the only kind of bread they


      1. re: Dave Feldman

        Okay so it's the "White Man's version" of Indian. As far as price, I wasn't looking, someone else paid. Cheap it ain't, chic it is!