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Aug 24, 1998 05:36 PM

I Shouldn't Have Been Unfaithful To Gus

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The other night, a friend offered to take me to Uncle What's-His-Name's, a Greek place on Hudson Street in the West Village. Unfortunatly, it was so bad -- every dish a dissapointment. The menu looked great, the place is adorable, we decided to order a bunch of appy's including one hot appetizer variety plate. Well, along came our dish, on top of a ton of shredded lettuce was some very dried out greek sausages and meatballs that were so not-fresh and not heated enough so that you could see the grease just congealed all over them -- yuck! Then we ordered Retsina wine -- also not good. The entire meal was so consistenly bad that I felt that I couldn't bear to share my criticisms with our genuinely pleasant smiley waiter. I mean, what's a nice way to say, "excuse me but, EVERYTHING we ate just ate really stunk". Next time I'm sticking with my favorite Medittranean place -- Gus' Place on Waverly Pl. in the West Village. There I know I can expect fresh hot pita bread, a great feta and garlic spread that everyone gets courtesy of Gus and the greatest grilled octopus I've ever had. The atmosphere alone is so calming and relaxed it's like poppin' a prozac. I shoulda been faithful to Gus!

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  1. j
    joel tractenberg

    I agree -- Gus is great. I've been to the Uncle What's
    his name's on 9th Ave. and it wasn't as bad as you
    describe the downtown one, but not as good as Gus'.
    Another place I like in Gus' nabe is Les Deux Gamins --
    excellent pate plate, great hanger steak, fun